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Learn 2 Educate

Gaining the knowledge and skills needed to invest in lives

Learn 2 Educate was born out of a desire to help people grow and develop into the best version of who they can be. By gaining the tools necessary to strengthen our ability to share what we learn, we become better equipped to educate those who have a desire to hear and receive. If we can impact at least one life positively within our sphere of influence by passing on what we learn, we have, in turn, planted a seed that has the potential to yield a great harvest. We learn. We educate. We stretch. We grow! Investing in the lives of others is a wonderful thing that is most definitely worth the sacrifice. So enjoy the journey!

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"Your destiny is the only path to be travelled by you"
Lailah Gifty Akita

We're Doing Big Things

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When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too.
Paulo Coelho

What Clients Say

Dr. Jo is an educator, a highly skilled communicator, and an anointed singer. She has graced us several times a guest vocalist at our church. She also served as a Keynote Speaker at our inaugural Christian Academy Black Tie Benefit dinner and in one word, she was "awesome". From the beginning, she was able to capture and hold the attention of the audience, combining charm and humor, presenting a down-to-earth but highly focused presentation. Dr. Jo demonstrated her excellent command of communication principles and gave the audience many useful nuggets of wisdom. We can honestly say that the audience left informed, excited, and motivated. We will definitely invite her back for our next event." Pastors Jeff and Demetria B.

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